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Master, Swami, Nun
Sinner, Swinger,
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A Nickel's Worth
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The Shiva Paradox




Good Man,





The Priest Wonho's Memories of Admiral Yi

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What is the truth about Islam?
  • Is it the religion of peace and hospitality that some claim, or is it a murderous faith savage terrorists use to justify the slaughter of innocents?
  • Is Islam truly inherently anti-female, or has something gone very wrong in how Islam is interpreted and understood?
  • Is the Islam that is taught in most Moslem majority country today really what the Prophet Mohammed (S) believed Allah intended?
  • Is every woman who marries a Muslem man doomed to be a second-class servant, or is there a way to keep this from happening?

Married To Islam answers these questions, and more.

.One early reader said, "This is fascinating! Every US politician, every Christian priest or minister, and all western women should know all this. Think of how many people it would help and the misunderstandings it would prevent."


"This book shows where Mohammed, peace be upon him, and Islam parted ways! Modern Islam regarding Terrorism, Treatment of Women, and more is way off base--and a humble Islamic housewife shows us how."


"Dalia Shah is one heck of a woman! She's a credit to Allah, God--whatever name you use! Her marriage, and how she raises her children--Wow!"


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A Nickel's Worth

The Spiritual Message and Amazing Life

of “Captain Bob” Nickel


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A Nickel's Worth is all about Bob Nickel--his life, his spiritual message, and much more. Bob went from being a hippie sailboat captain roaming the seven seas to being an aircraft engineer to being a wonderful giver of Satsang --that is, he led spiritual meetings which meant much to many people, especially in the last year of his life. (His website is www.bobnickelsatsang.com.) He considered Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and V. Ganesan to be three of his primary teachers.


"Bob was unforgettable his whole life. He had adventures that mostly we only see in movies," said Dr. John Nasse, a friend for over 40 years. "But it was his ending--that last year of powerful satsangs-- that made his life so deliciously special."




A Nickel's Worth will shock the people who met Bob as an older man fighting cancer and giving satsang, but these same sections will make some of his old friends laugh. "Yup, that's what we did!" These old buddies, though, will be equally surprised by the spiritual message Bob found and brought forth later in life.
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"The Shiva Paradox is a novel that could only have been written by someone who loved India in all its best and worst and most grand." "It's like 'The Fugitive,' except he's spiritual, in India, and the bad guys are worse!" "I felt like I knew a lot of the characters, and that I knew all of the places. Probably because I do! Mark Sawyer in this book has given people who've never been there a chance to visit, and to hear and see and taste, the real thing." "This novel about India should be made into a great movie!" B. Krishna, global spiritual sharer.
The Shiva Paradox moves from Rishikesh all over India and then concludes at Tiruvannamalai. The spiritual matters are given as actually spoken. The characters are all actual or based on real persons, including 'Captain Tom' who is really (90%) Bob Nickel from A Nickel's Worth.
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Master, Swami, Nun
Sinner, Swinger,



One very lucky man is able to meet

six of the greatest spiritual teachers

of the 21st century.

They are:

A humble married gentleman who'd studied Zen,

a boy born into a family with a wondrous uncle,

a youth called to religion, to academia, and then to India,

a bodybuilding Bombay banker who always told the truth,

a modern John Wayne who went "from pirate to guru,"

and a "Party Girl" who realized there had to be more,

and found it.



Here are stories of the lives and incredible messages of six persons whose spiritual insights could change your life. 


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For more about some of these persons, you can go to:





Good Man,



 A hard-nosed prosecutor receives a fatal diagnosis. He chooses to go on his dream trip, the one he'd always put off.

Murder finds him again.

This time it is in wild, bizarre, corrupt, and wonderful India.

And he is the prime suspect.

Proudly so.





"I liked The Shiva Paradox alot, but Vengeance, Justice, Good Man, DIE gives it some strong competition!"

Blogger Belva Kirby 


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The Priest Wonho's

Memories of Admiral Yi

is here.