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Pictures from:
A Nickel's Worth

The Spiritual Message and Amazing Life

of “Captain Bob” Nickel


Available Here

Bob with Ganesan                                         
in Ojai in June 2006.                                       
This is perhaps the most generally healthy Bob ever was:             
         Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.                  
The Lymphoma showed up a few months later,                                               
with his first operation in Spring, 2007.                           


          Captain Bob at Sail
               in the Pacific
     around the time he had his
          Adventures in Tahiti,
    "Until I went on these Satsang Tours,
    Sailing was the most fun I ever had."
                        Bob Nickel, October 2011

Bob's House in India                              
as it neared completion.                            
Now, at least until (if) the ridiculous road is constructed,     
it is a great place from which to enjoy Arunachala.        



                      Bob and Arunachala.

                The best picture of Bob "ever"

             according to many of his friends.

     He is standing near where his house will be

            in front of his beloved Arunachala.

            The "Ganesh" aspect of the mountain, the elephant profile,

                             is easily seen over his right shoulder.

              This is mentioned in the book in which Bob is "Captain Tom,"

                                       The Shiva Paradox.



   Bob's Last Picture                         BobHallwayJuly.jpg
 Taken July 29, 2012                       
in the skilled nursing facility in Oxnard.        
Bob was very happy to be walking with canes,   
not a walker.                           .
Two nights later his bowels went septic.       
No one wanted Bob's last image to be as he was            
in ICU or palliative care                             .

              Bob's beloved nurse, Laura.
             She brightened Bob's last years
       and was looking into his eyes as he died.
   "The Captain always said he was lousy at meaningful relationships.
                With Laura he made a liar out of himself."
                In his last year Bob enjoyed telling her, 
                      "If I were ninety years younger
                   your husband would be in trouble!"